WP1 will establish a working group with national policy makers and stakeholders from the catchments, based on the existing Policy Science Working Group (PSWG) and supplemented by regional and local stakeholders in de NEW Harmonica and catchments. WP1 has a central role in the project, and the output of the other WPs will be used to distract, evaluate and harmonise environmental protection policy implementation actions, in close collaboration with local stakeholders.

Description of work

In this work package a PSWG with national policy makers and stakeholders from catchments is established, which forms the core of the project. Based on the results of the other WPs, environmental protection policies and implementation actions are discussed in this working group.

Task 1.1 Establishment of working group with national policy makers and stakeholders from catchments. Lead: Wageningen Research

The Policy-Science Working group NW Europe on Reducing nutrient emissions from Agriculture in NW European Catchments will be extended with actors and from the catchments in order to develop a systemic approach to maintain nitrogen and phosphorus flows within safe ecological boundaries. The working group will meet twice per year to discuss the outcomes and the consequences regarding development of harmonised environmental protection policies and feasible best practices.

Task 1.2 Harmonisation of environmental protection policies and implementation actions. Lead: Wageningen Research

Different model approaches, collection of monitoring data and indicators are used in Europe to determine nitrogen and phosphorus flows to surface waters from all actors in the catchments. Intercomparison of different approaches at catchments scale is required in terms of policy decision making and implementation actions. Based on these experiences, policy makers, environmental protection agencies and experts in environmental impact models can define a harmonised common policy procedure to protect catchments and take required actions by taking into account model approaches, data collection and indicators. Recommendations for improvement of current approaches and data collection will be made.

Task 1.3 Evaluation of successful and feasible best practices to meet environmental targets. Lead: Wageningen Research

In WP3 a list of best practices will be defined to reduce phosphorus and nitrogen losses within different sectors in order to meet with the overall reduction target for phosphorus and nitrogen in the catchments. The feasibility of implementation of best practices will differ due to (1) impact on pollution swapping, (2) uncertainties in predictions, and (3) legal restriction and/or governmental aspects. The list of best practices will be assessed by the policy makers to a list of feasible options. Scenarios will be defined to evaluate the impact of options on nutrient losses in order to meet with the nitrogen and phosphorus reduction targets at catchment scale.

Task 1.4 Evaluation of potential successful strategies and design of policy implementation tools. Lead: Wageningen Research

The Policy-Science Working Group and catchment experts and stakeholders will evaluate the design of inter-sectorial governance models and policy implementation tools to deploy the concept of nitrogen and phosphorus load reduction targets. The outcomes of the inter-sectorial governance model approaches on catchment scale (WP4) and the consequences for policy implementation tools will outlined in terms of pros and cons. The most preferable options will be discussed with the catchment stakeholders to bring forward a feasible approach for broad implementation, and by taking into account legal restriction.

Task 1.5 Communication and dissemination to stakeholders. Lead: Wageningen Research

The developed methodologies and findings will be shared with DG Envi and DG Agri as policy brief to be further shared amongst EU member states and Associated Countries. The extended summary will be shared with all involved the catchment stakeholders and other projects funded within this topic.