WP5 will deal with project management, focusing on i) activity management, ii) financial and legal management, iii) Communication among partners, the PSWG, local stakeholders and with the European Commission, iv) organisation of (plenary) project meetings, and v) management of gender equality issues in the project. WP5 will deliver the internal NEW Harmonica project website (together with the WP1), the data management plan, and the contractual reports to the EC.

Description of work

Task 5.1: Activity management. Lead: WR

Activity management is aimed at tracking the progress of the activities and includes: i) maintenance of the project work plan and monitoring of its implementation, ii) identification of required corrective actions and contingency plans, iii) implementation of decisions of the project managerial bodies. This tasks include the coordination of reporting procedures aimed at preparing periodic and final activity reports that comply with the EC rules, and preparation of the Data Management Plan, Risk Management Plan, address and monitor gender equality issues in the project, and implementation of procedures for data collection, storage, protection, retention and destruction and confirmation that they comply with national and EU legislation and informed consent procedures that will be implemented in regard to the collection, storage and protection of personal data.

Task 5.2: Financial and legal management of the project. Lead: WR

A Consortium Agreement will be prepared with the aim of regulating the managerial bodies, the decision making process, and the management of IP and prior-existing knowledge. The financial administration will take care of: i) timely distribution of funding to the partners, ii) budget management and monitoring and, iii) preparation of annual consortium financial statements. 

Task 5.3: Project Communication. Lead: WR

An internal project website will be established, including a Dissemination and Communication section in collaboration with WP1. A project dissemination, Communication and visibility plan will be prepared in collaboration with WP1.

Task 5.4: Organization of project meetings. Lead: WR

Smooth organization and facilitation of activities of the project will be achieved by plenary meetings planned well in advance, which ideally will be hosted by partners and combined with meetings of the PSWG. The goal of the meetings is to evaluate project progress, to outline work plans, to have scientific discussions, targeted training sessions for project partners, and to receive updates regarding the financial and IP status and interactions with the EC.

WP5 will work closely with all WPs and partners. It will in particular collaborate with WP1 on dissemination and communication matters and the involvement of local stakeholders and the PSWG.