Flanders Environment Agency

Flanders Environment Agency (abbreviated VMM) is an agency of the Flemish government working towards a better environment in Flanders. Flanders Environment Agency (VMM) is a government agency with powers of jurisdiction under supervision of the Flemish Minister of Justice and Enforcement, Environment, Energy and Tourism. The mission of VMM is to be a solution-oriented partner for a climate-resilient environment in Flanders. We have a wide range of responsibilities within the domains water, air and climate adaptation. Within these three domains we have a wide range of responsibilities. VMM is also a reliable partner in many European projects, including several projects concerning water and water quality.

VMM coordinates the integrated water policy in Flanders. We play a part in the various stages of the policy-making process (measuring, planning, taking action, evaluating). This represents an added value that allows us to retain an overview and make connections. In the case of our rivers and streams, we want to achieve a good ecological status and keep floods and water shortages under control. We are taking the lead in working with all stakeholders to reduce the impact of drought and to develop climate-adaptive solutions. We are taking on the role of directing the entire drinking water and wastewater chain. We will achieve our common goals by working together with various players involved. As the manager of several waterways, we want to work together with other managers of unnavigable waterways in order to create more green-blue infrastructure, with a focus on ecological aspects such as fish migration, combating exotic species and pesticide-free management.

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