With the European Union imposing stricter limits on manure usage in the Netherlands, farmers are on the hunt for innovative alternatives.

In Achterhoek, farmer Arjen Prinsen is at the forefront, pioneering the conversion of manure into fertilizer. Prinsen sees manure not as waste but as a valuable resource. "It's a shift in thinking," he remarks. Oscar Schoumans, from Wageningen University & Research (WUR), a key figure in our New Harmonica project, echoes this sentiment. He emphasizes the urgency for new fertilizer options to lessen reliance on conventional methods.

A segment by Dutch news outlet Eenvandaag highlighted this innovative trend, dubbing manure "the future's black gold." Modern technologies can now extract essential nutrients from manure, yielding sustainable fertilizers. This transition aligns with both environmental goals and economic prospects. Yet, obstacles like technology refinement and farmer uptake persist.

News clip (in Dutch)

Source: Een Vandaag

As the Netherlands adjusts to EU mandates, a blend of farmers and experts are championing these green solutions, transforming manure into an asset for a more sustainable Dutch agricultural landscape.